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July 2, 2019
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This past weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting my best friend in Chicago. Now, I am no stranger to the Windy City but each time I visit, I am left speechless by the beautiful skyscrapers and array of people that flood the streets. While my friend and I walked the Magnificent Mile, we spotted a wedding party across the street. The woman had on a glamorous white gown and was being followed by her bridesmaids in varying shades of blue and the groomsmen not too far behind. Watching weddings from the outside is always a bit unusual. You never get to know the full story…like how the two met or if the mothers are as demanding as they seem to be on TV. All you know is that the two felt so deeply for each other that they organized a full-on celebration to tell the rest of the world. Love really is a beautiful thing.

Not only did seeing this wedding send my mind into a spiral of thoughts about my BIG day (if it ever comes), it also inspired me to share some tips when planning a wedding in the city.

The most important rule, especially for Paulette, no matter the location, time or date, you must stay true to you. This is your special day and you should not have to sacrifice your style for anyone OR anything.

Tip #1

In many city venues, there is a high possibility that the reception hall will have high ceilings which can cause the area to feel a little too big. To bring the down these tall ceilings and create a more intimate space, Paulette suggests using tall centerpieces. If you’re on a budget, try putting tall centerpieces on a few tables and fill the rest with shorter ones that follow a similar design.

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Tip #2

When thinking of having a wedding in a large, industrial city, a dark and sultry color scheme may seem the most fitting. While these shades create a dramatic and bold aesthetic, they may not fit well with every bride’s vision. If this is the case, and a bride would prefer light or neutral shades, Paulette suggests adding textures in any way you can. You can apply this method choosing patterned linens, unique tableware or…tons of greenery and flowers. Many buildings will also feature large windows that bring in a lot of natural light, which will illuminate the decorations even more.

Tip #3 (more like a suggestion)

This last tip is more a personal preference, however, I hope it inspires someone to fulfill my dream for me. For as long as I can remember, cities have always been one of my favorite places to visit. Each towering building seemed like a castle in a kingdom of lights and chaos and I wanted nothing more to be apart of the fairytale. When I first came to Pittsburgh and drove through the Fort Pitt Tunnel, I never expected to be met with such a magical place. There is so much beauty in the cities that I love, not only in the skyscrapers but in the people that fill them. So if dreams do come true, and my wedding takes place in one of the cities I love (Chicago, NYC, Pittsburgh), I hope to have it on a rooftop, like a queen overlooking her kingdom. I can think of no better backdrop.

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