Don’t be fooled by my appearance. I am the most glorious rebel you will ever meet. A floral badass if you will. Mad for the uncommon, the unstructured and the beautifully tarnished.

Quite like passion itself, my style is loose, free form, and uncontained. Just gathered from the garden or like a tin cup of flowers pulled from an industrial age painting, my aesthetic crosses the decades. Instead of rules, I am guided by color, texture, seasonality and by my clients’ personal vision and individual style. Never call me just a florist. I am a creator. A builder. A designer. A co-conspirator to your dreams. My skills have been honed by Holly Heider Chapple, Ariel Dearie, Ariella Chezar, Robbie Honey, Naomi deManana and good old fashioned working it out in the wee hours at my Polish Hill studio. There are no pretenses to be found within me or my business. I am a down to earth hard working business owner with a huge passion for design and people. Beware though. I laugh like a banshee. I have not one tattoo, but I do have a birthmark shaped like the state of Texas (and no, you can’t see it). Before it started to get hip and before the flippers discovered it, I bought a pre-Civil War home in Polish Hill with my dashing husband in 1999. The most stunning specimen I have ever grown has been my brilliant, talented and delightful son. As a former corporate prisoner, I escaped from my career by wanting a life more fulfilled by design, history, art, collecting, and the deep love I have for my family. I am by no means wealthy by the way of flowers. But I am rich in a different way. Rich in experiences, the relationships with my clients and the beauty that I have the privilege to create for them. When I am not designing (or laughing) or getting precious little sleep, I read (and write) mystery novels, watch mystery shows late into the night, bake a mean lemon cake and dress like a modern day flapper girl (woman). My life’s ambition is to be the poster child for re-writing the scripted life. I look forward to inspiring and designing for you.


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