your wedding

We are option motivated, creative oriented in our approach to flowers. Are there cost effective alternatives to baby’s breath? You bet your sweet aspidistra there is! It is also our belief that you don’t have to wear white and Mom doesn’t have to wear a corsage. We encourage Grandmothers as Flower Girls and Grooms to wear navy suits with brown shoes. You will find in us your own personal, creative cheerleaders. Minus the splits and back flips.

your event

You be the life of the party and let our flowers bring life to your party. Flowers can be the catalyst for fun, for sophistication, to pull off the theme and bring the color. From flower backdrops, amazing entrance arrangements to not your standard cocktail table, let us help you pull off the look. We will work closely with you, your vendors and your venue to make the details come to life. We strive to create an atmosphere that encourages your guests to linger, mingle and Instagram your event for years to come.

about posy

I am the most glorious rebel you will ever meet. A floral badass if you will. Mad for the uncommon, the unstructured and the beautifully tarnished.
Never call me just a florist. I am a creator. A builder. A designer. A co-conspirator to your dreams.

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